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Latest Slime News

  • Crystal Clear Slime

How to make crystal clear slime

We get the same question over and over again - do you have a good clear slime recipe? And the answer is... Yes we do, we have an amazing clear slime recipe with

  • How to make slime with balloon popping

How to make slime with balloon popping

If you have spent time on Youtube and Instagram, I'm pretty sure you've seen the Balloon popping slime trend.  Amber and her friends had a fun time outdoors making slime by popping

  • how to colour foam beads for slime

How to colour foam beads for slime

Colour is always so much more appealing, and when it comes to crunchy slime there is no exception. Turn your white styro-foam beads into colourful beads and have a whale of a

  • slime supplies

Slime Supplies every slime maker needs

Making slime doesn't end at simply adding some glue and activator into a bowl, there are many varieties of slime consistencies and textures that require different ingredients.  Not to mention all the