We get the same question over and over again – do you have a good clear slime recipe? And the answer is… Yes we do, we have an amazing clear slime recipe with suggested products.

You’ll need:

DJ SlimeyGloop clear slime glue
Any clear shampoo / body or handwash we use
Activator – which is half a teaspoon of borax powder dissolved in 1 cup of warm water
Fresh Water

Pour your entire bottle of 250ml clear glue into a bowl and add 50-80ml’s of clear shampoo – depending on how thick you want your consistency.  Slowly mix the two together.

Fill your glue bottle half way with water – for a more gloopy and stretchy consistency you can add a bit more water.  Add this water to your glue mixture and mix slowly.

Once your borax activator mixture has cooled down you can start adding a bit by bit to your glue mixture stirring well between each addition.
As soon as your glue mixture starts pulling away from the sides into a slime ball you can use your hands to continue mixing the glue and activator by continuously combining / massaging the slime.

Once you feel your slime is ready place it into either one large container or many smaller containers and put it away for 3-5 days allowing all the bubbles to disappear resulting in crystal clear slime.  We recommend you also watch our clear slime tutorial below.

How to make crystal clear slime


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