If you have spent time on Youtube and Instagram, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the Balloon popping slime trend.  Amber and her friends had a fun time outdoors making slime by popping balloons which contained all the ingredients.

You’ll need a few balloons, school glue, paint, body lotion, glitter or confetti, water, activator and shaving foam. Start by blowing some air into the balloon, twist the balloon which will avoid the air escaping while you place it over your bottle.  Empty contents into each balloon and use a marker to mark which balloon is which.

Once all your ingredients are in each balloon get a bowl and a mixing spoon and enjoy the exhilarating balloon popping experience.  Take note that, the more air in your balloon the bigger the pop will be.

How to make slime with balloon popping

Enjoy this video of the girls experience.



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